Month: July 2012

Anders Osborne “Black Eye Galaxy”

New Orleans musician, Anders Osborne, talks with Jamila about his latest release, “Black Eye Galaxy.”  It’s an album which explores many themes, but at its core is a message that finds hope amidst even the deepest despair.  Anders shares his musical journey, and his thoughts on the role music should play in this modern era.


Deep South Documentary

“Deepsouth” explores the lives of those affected by HIV in the American South.  Filmmaker, Lisa Biagiotti turned her camera onto the hidden faces of the part of the country most deeply affected by the AIDS/HIV epidemic.  Amid budget cuts and a crumbling economy, those living with the disease and those who seek to help them are fighting for their survival and fighting for their dignity as well.

Child Abuse and Adult Obesity

Another factor that may in part explain a link between behavior and obesity in African-American women is the subject of this conversation.

Pediatrician with the Boston Medical Center, Dr. Renee Boynton-Jarrett shares the data the paper she authored, “Child and Adolescent Abuse in Relation to Obesity in Adulthood: The Black Women’s Health Study.”

More than 33,000 women were studied, and there is growing evidence that mild, moderate or severe sexual or physical abuse can cause a girl to become an obese adult.

Canada vs US Healthcare

Jamila talks with blogger and Canadian Health Economist, Ian Cromwell, about the distinctions between the US and Canadian health care systems.  In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to uphold President Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, Cromwell explains why it may not be a fitting protest for those who wish to flee a land where healthcare is considered a right rather than an option.