‘Illegal, or Just Sleazy?’

A viral comedy video is illustrating to New York state residents that women often don’t get the same legal protections as men.

The video is set as game show, “Illegal or Just Sleazy?”, which asks New Yorkers if various scenarios break the law. The actress playing the contestant role does a convincing job showing her character’s outrage over learning that she can be fired legally for discussing salary with men who out-earn her, that she can be denied an apartment because of her status as a victim of domestic violence, and that it’s merely “sleazy” if her boss at a company with 4 or fewer employees sexually harasses her.

President of NOW-NYC, Sonia Osorio, joins SPAR to discuss how these topics, despite the video making the case as comedy, are no laughing matter, and that voters across the country need to take on the fight for equality under the law that New Yorkers are demanding.


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