abortion rights

“1 in 3” – Ending the stigma of abortion in America


By Jamila Bey

The reality in America is that abortion is neither rare nor concentrated among any singular segment of society.

One in three women in the US will have an abortion in her lifetime. This week kicks off a week of activists giving people the opportunity to speak up about their own abortions. College campuses around the country are hosting events, and the “1 in 3 Campaign” is hosting many of the stories shared by individuals who often spoke about their abortion for the first time. Carly Manes, a junior at the University of Michigan, and Julia Reticker-Flynn, the Youth Activist Network Manager at Advocates for Youth, are my guests.


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NARAL dissects anti-abortion tactics in 2013

Anti-abortion activists have been successful in closing clinics through the use of regulatory maneuvers that concern landscaping, parking, hallway width and other non-medical rationales for denying American women access to abortion care.

Vice President for Policy for NARAL Pro-Choice America, Donna Crane, joins the Sex, Politics, And Religion Hour to explain why these methods have been so successful, and how the American public is turning against such tactics.


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Abortion rights organization Provide

More than a quarter of American women must travel a minimum of 50 miles if they wish to obtain an abortion.

Ashley Miller is the communications officer with Provide, an organization that works with existing healthcare providers in rural areas to ensure that women are able to access the full range of reproductive rights care.

From increasing the number of doctors trained in the procedure to working with social services agencies, Provide is working to ensure that all American women are able to exercise their constitutional rights despite living in jurisdictions that seek to impede this.


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