Gay adoption in Michigan

Gay couples are fighting for their rights in Michigan.

Dan Ray, professor of constitutional law at Cooley Law School, joins the show to discuss how they’re being treated differently from heterosexual couples seeking to adopt.

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Part 2:

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New documentary explores road to adapting to an international adoption

Russian adoption in the U.S. is an issue that’s been fraught with controversy and lack of understanding. Filmmaker Sarah McCarthy’s documentary, “The Dark Matter of Love,” shares the story of the Diaz family who adopted five-year-old twin boys and an 11-year-old girl from Russian orphanages.

The children struggle, as does the Diaz’s only biological child, to make sense of their new circumstances, and over two years, McCarthy chronicles the family’s devotion to making a new and loving home.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with McCarthy and Claudio Diaz who believes that more families should be open to expanding their families via international adoption.


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