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Advocate: Women making tiny victories in workplace, but much progress remains

Next Tuesday marks Equal Pay Day, a day to draw attention to the disparity in pay between men and women and the disparities between the pay of Caucasian workers and those who are not.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Linda Merica, national executive director of the women’s labor organization 9to5, to discuss where women of color and women in general stand in the fight for equal rights in the labor force.



Facebook exec’s new book fails to address African American women

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” continues to be hotly debated across the country. While many people see lessons that can be taken and applied across the work spectrum, critics of Sandberg say that her book doesn’t adequately address a majority of working American women.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with journalist and commentator Mary C. Curtis and attorney-turned-political commentator and writer Jeneba Ghatt about how the concepts of “Lean In” can be applied to African American women.


How African American Women Can Fight Obesity

WASHINGTON – The scourge of overweight and obesity plagues 80 percent of African American women, but few know why.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with “The Compassionate Trainer,” Terri West, proprietor of Terri West Fitness in Los Angeles, to discuss this phenomenon and how to address the issue.