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How rampant plagiarism negatively affects American news consumption

Every so often news consumers and producers come across the headlines that for many journalists feel like a punch to the gut, “(Insert publication name here) suspends reporter Joe Schmoe (a fake name) for plagiarism.”

For some journalists, this punch stings not for any ill will about the fate of said reporter but for the potential damage across the board to the credibility of all journalists and all publications. In a digital age, it is becoming faster and easier to identify quotes and passages lifted without attribution, and yet, the problem persists.

To address this problem, the American Copy Editors Society will debut the National Summit on Plagiarism and Fabrication at its upcoming national conference on April 5.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Teresa Schmedding, deputy managing editor/digital operations with the Daily Herald and president of ACES, to discuss how rampant plagiarism and fabrication negatively affect the news that Americans consume.