Petraeus Falls Victim to Religious Hypocrisy

As the scandal surrounding the now former CIA Director David Petraeus unfolds, many are continuing to discuss the shock and regrets that have come from his extramarital affair and his subsequent resignation.

But one thing that people haven’t discussed was the general’s history of privileging conservative Christianity in the U.S. military—a history that now reveals his own religious hypocrisy.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Military Religious Freedom Foundation senior researcher Chris Rodda to talk about the role Petraeus played in flouting standards of religious neutrality from the top down.

Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg

Secular soldiers at Ft. Bragg say they’ve been discriminated against for not taking part in religious activities and were incensed when they were forced to attend a Billy Graham, Junior concert with the express purpose of converting them.  It’s been an uphill battle, but they’re hosting “Rock Beyond Belief,” a daylong concert  event for the family.  They promise it will be a gods-free zone, and a true celebration of the First Amendment.  I talk with Justin Griffin, lead organizer, and journalist Ed Brayton about their expectations for the event.