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Britain’s “Iron Lady” was no friend to organized labor

Margaret Thatcher changed history when she brought her iron will to bear on the UK’s labor unions.

Voice of Russia’s Carmen Russell-Sluchansky and Jamila Bey continue a conversation about how Thatcher shall be remembered in terms of her role in the 1984 UK miners’ strike:

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Experts: CPAC needs to focus on compassion, not numbers

This year’s CPAC focuses on changing the Republican message to reach out to women and African Americans.

Voice of Russia’s Jamila Bey and Carmen Russell-Sluchansky talk about their impressions of this year’s CPAC:


In the edition, Russell-Sluchansky and Bey critique Republican outreach, which gives the impression that it’s driven by a need for higher voting numbers rather than actually caring about people.

Bey says that the Republican party wants to be “more inclusive”, with a message of “tolerance”. However, she, like many other black women, “does not want to be tolerated” in the face of support for things such as Stop and Frisk and decreased access to medical care.


Trayvon Martin Shooting Reaches One Year Anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, but the incident is still fresh in many people’s minds.

Voice of Russia’s Carmen Russell-Sluchansky and Jamila Bey talk about the future trial:


A year after George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot Trayvon Martin, a black 17-year-old that was later found to be unarmed, the case has not yet gone to trial. The incident sparked a national debate about “stand your ground” laws and the racism that is still inherent in American culture.

A date has been set for later this year, however, and Bey believes that there is no jury that wouldn’t convict Zimmerman. “This case is too much of a lightning rod,” she says, and many people who will be on a jury will probably remember the rioting in LA after the Rodney King verdict to let him go without jail time.


Poor Kids Remain Ignored, but Deeply Affected in Fiscal Cliff Fight

While the budget talks about Capitol Hill and rhetoric surrounding the approaching “fiscal cliff” have focused largely on corporate businesses and America’s wealthiest, the negotiations have ignored one group of Americans: children.

Nearly a quarter of Americans under 18 live beneath the poverty level and the Great Recession has had a tremendous and disproportionate impact on families and the youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

In a special hour-long segment, host Jamila Bey spoke with experts from the non-partisan think tank, First Focus, which is decided to helping enact policy changes that lift children out of poverty.

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Bruce Lesley, president

Megan Curran, senior director for family economics

Ed Walz, communications director

What the Conventions Did for the African American Vote

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions have finished, pundits, political analysts and more are examining the platforms, the speeches and what it all means for voters.

While the Democratic National Convention escaped unscathed, the Republican National Convention was tarnished temporarily due to a peanut-throwing incident involving an African American camerawoman for CNN and a couple of older white male attendees.

Despite the incident taking up the headlines for several days, the GOP released its platform in Tampa, Fla., days ahead of the DNC announcing its platform in Charlotte, N.C.

To discuss the conventions and their impact on the African American vote, host Jamila Bey held a panel discussion:



Sally Kohn, a writer, activist and frequent television commentator for Fox News

Shirley Husar, an urban conservative freelance writer for Washington Times

Steven Gray, a columnist and contributing editor at The Root

Tara Conley, founder and president of Media Make Change

Kevin Williams, director of the documentary “Fear of a Black Republican”

Tamara Williams, producer of the documentary “Fear of a Black Republican”

Bey also recapped the conventions and their impact on the African American vote with Voice of Russia correspondent Carmen Russell-Sluchansky: