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Louisiana vouchers–for more segregation as well as less science

For the first time since starting to cover the issue of school vouchers in Louisiana, the show will not be arguing about science standards!

Dr. Kevin Welner, the Director of the National Education Policy Center joins me to talk about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s fight against the US Department of Justice.

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Over the past several months, there has been a well-orchestrated political outcry against the DOJ for filing a legal motion in a long-standing desegregation case. The motion asks the court to require Louisiana to collect and report relevant data about the impact of that state’s voucher policy on racial segregation.

Louisiana’s new voucher law may undermine established desegregation orders issued as a result of unconstitutional discrimination by the state of Louisiana as well as many of its school districts.

However, Welner stresses that the DOJ motion is not designed to stop the implementation of the state’s voucher program. Instead, the motion seeks to bring the program within the scope of existing law and to avoid further segregation in the state.