Month: October 2013

Anders Osborne brings his musical world to SPAR

New Orleans musician Anders Osborne is a good friend of the Sex Politics And Religion Hour.

Anders joined me to talk about his most recent album, Three Free Amigos. We talk and listen to a few great tunes too! He’s quite prolific too- he’s got another album coming out later this month!


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Dominionism in US military and government


By Jamila Bey

American Atheists Military Director, Paul Loebe also writes the Rock Beyond Belief blog on the network. He waxed historic this week and looked at the history of religious rule in the US government and how this has everything to do with the opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the government shutdown. Follow him at @paulLoebe.


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A Carlin Home Companion

First Amendment freedom fighter and legendary comedian George Carlin is remembered by his daughter, Kelly Carlin, in her one-woman show, “A Carlin Home Companion.”

The show comes to the Cherry Lane Theater in New York City, off Broadway, on October 11. Kelly talks about her journey, her memories of her father, and of course, her own upcoming show.


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Exclusive: Ernie Chambers Part 2

We air the conclusion of Jamila Bey’s exclusive interview with Nebraska’s longest-serving state senator, Ernie Chambers. His views on Obama and war are provocative at least, and enlightening as well.


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