Exclusive: Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers

Senator Ernie Chambers is a man without labels. If you have to call him anything, call him Ernie! Senator Chambers famously eschews in-person interviews, and has done so for a decade, until now.

In the first of an exclusive two-part interview, I sat down in Omaha with the legislator who sued god, has been a tireless advocate for those who are without power and influence, and has a legendary work ethic. His 38 years of easily predictable re-elections prompted opponents in Nebraska politics to impose term limits for the explicit purpose of removing him from office. (fear not–the law was overturned by the voters, and after four years, he’s back!)

Chambers talked long about his philosophy that informs his life, his legislation, and the hopes he has for this great nation.

In Part One, we talk about Chambers’ thoughts on race, the reasons he serves his constituents so faithfully, and why this country’s political system is in peril.

Next week, in Part Two, we’ll talk about Chambers’s disappointment in President Obama, the situation in Syria, and why race- and Americans’ inability to deal honestly therewith- is always going to poison both discourse and policy in this nation.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:

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