Poor Kids Remain Ignored, but Deeply Affected in Fiscal Cliff Fight

While the budget talks about Capitol Hill and rhetoric surrounding the approaching “fiscal cliff” have focused largely on corporate businesses and America’s wealthiest, the negotiations have ignored one group of Americans: children.

Nearly a quarter of Americans under 18 live beneath the poverty level and the Great Recession has had a tremendous and disproportionate impact on families and the youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

In a special hour-long segment, host Jamila Bey spoke with experts from the non-partisan think tank, First Focus, which is decided to helping enact policy changes that lift children out of poverty.

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Bruce Lesley, president

Megan Curran, senior director for family economics

Ed Walz, communications director

Candidates Appear on ’60 Minutes’ in Pseudo-Preview of Debate

The first presidential debate is just over a week away, but that doesn’t mean the two parties haven’t already started preparing.

Both GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday night, giving Americans a likely preview of the upcoming debate.

Then on Monday, the National Press Club hosted a debate between top economic advisers integral to the formulation of the economic policy platforms of the two campaigns. Kevin Hassett represented Romney and Jeffrey Liebman spoke for Obama.

For more information, host Jamila Bey spoke with Voice of Russia correspondent Carmen Russell-Sluchansky, who attended Monday’s debate.