Ian Cromwell

Twitter as anti-racism tool

Newly Crowned Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri, didn’t even get to bask in her glory before having to defend her triumph.

Haters took to twitter to slur her for allegedly being “Arab,” a “terrorist” and other ignorant abuses along the lines of “not being American enough.” Davuluri, who is of Indian descent, is the first woman of South Asian heritage to win Miss America. Blogger Ian Cromwell and media activist Dr. Kimberly Ellis joined Jamila Bey to discuss how social media has been helpful in coordinating mass opinion against such racist speech.


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Canada vs US Healthcare

Jamila talks with blogger and Canadian Health Economist, Ian Cromwell, about the distinctions between the US and Canadian health care systems.  In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to uphold President Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, Cromwell explains why it may not be a fitting protest for those who wish to flee a land where healthcare is considered a right rather than an option.