Reince Priebus exclusive interview

The RNC held a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on Monday, and the chair, Reince Priebus, talked with me about the over-criminalization of Black youth and the over-incarceration of Blacks in this country.

VOR’s Carmen Russell-Sluchansky and I discuss the RNC’s messaging, and assess how effectively the “Party of Lincoln” speaks and connects with African-American voters.


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With Reince Priebus:

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With Carmen Russell-Sluchansky:

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What the Conventions Did for the African American Vote

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions have finished, pundits, political analysts and more are examining the platforms, the speeches and what it all means for voters.

While the Democratic National Convention escaped unscathed, the Republican National Convention was tarnished temporarily due to a peanut-throwing incident involving an African American camerawoman for CNN and a couple of older white male attendees.

Despite the incident taking up the headlines for several days, the GOP released its platform in Tampa, Fla., days ahead of the DNC announcing its platform in Charlotte, N.C.

To discuss the conventions and their impact on the African American vote, host Jamila Bey held a panel discussion:



Sally Kohn, a writer, activist and frequent television commentator for Fox News

Shirley Husar, an urban conservative freelance writer for Washington Times

Steven Gray, a columnist and contributing editor at The Root

Tara Conley, founder and president of Media Make Change

Kevin Williams, director of the documentary “Fear of a Black Republican”

Tamara Williams, producer of the documentary “Fear of a Black Republican”

Bey also recapped the conventions and their impact on the African American vote with Voice of Russia correspondent Carmen Russell-Sluchansky: