From Australia to US, musician brings atheism on the road

Australian singer, songwriter Shelley Segal joins the SPAR with Jamila to talk and sing about many of the topics that have compelled her art, including religiously-imposed sex segregation, the horror of a life lived longing for an afterlife, and the unbelievable adorableness of wallabies.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Segal to discuss all of this and more.

Part 1 :

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Part 2 :

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Part 3 :

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“Unorthodox” Deborah Feldman

Author Deborah Feldman discusses her memoir “Unorthodox” and her life since leaving her conservative Jewish Brooklyn Satmar community. From her childhood being raised by her Holocaust survivor grandparents, to her struggles to be a good Hasidic wife, and finally to her ultimate realization that she could not stay in a culture that didn’t allow her to be her authentic self, Deborah shares her memories with me.




Child Abuse and Adult Obesity

Another factor that may in part explain a link between behavior and obesity in African-American women is the subject of this conversation.

Pediatrician with the Boston Medical Center, Dr. Renee Boynton-Jarrett shares the data the paper she authored, “Child and Adolescent Abuse in Relation to Obesity in Adulthood: The Black Women’s Health Study.”

More than 33,000 women were studied, and there is growing evidence that mild, moderate or severe sexual or physical abuse can cause a girl to become an obese adult.

Fewer American Teens Getting Pregnant

Bill Albert who is the Chief Program Officer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy joins me to talk about the great successes of encouraging more contraceptive use among all sexually active Americans.