Supreme Court

Greece v. Galloway preview

Tomorrow the Supreme Court hears a case which can be summarized thus: Will a New York town be able to start its municipal meetings with prayers?

Host of Due Diligence and frequent SPAR partner Carmen Russell-Sluchansky joins me to argue why this case may not be as clear to decide as State/Church absolutists might believe.

The conversation invokes Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s quote that “(religious) Endorsement sends a message to non-adherents that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and an accompanying message to adherents that they are insiders, favored members of the political community.”

Jamila and Carmen enjoy much disagreement about how the Supreme Court will rule in the case.


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Supreme Court Update

Dr. Gloria Browne-Marshall, the first African-American woman to be credentialed to cover the US Supreme Court, joins Jamila to talk about the current crop of cases before the Justices.

From government-sanctioned prayer and campaign finance rules to abortion, the Court is sure to have some contentious issues to contend with.


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What’s at stake for DOMA, Prop 8 Supreme Court decisions?

The U.S. Supreme Court is days away from announcing some of its last and its biggest decisions of the term, Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, California’s same-sex marriage ban.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Ed Brayton, a journalist and head of the Freethought Blog network, to discuss the cases.


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Canada vs US Healthcare

Jamila talks with blogger and Canadian Health Economist, Ian Cromwell, about the distinctions between the US and Canadian health care systems.  In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to uphold President Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, Cromwell explains why it may not be a fitting protest for those who wish to flee a land where healthcare is considered a right rather than an option.