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“1 in 3” – Ending the stigma of abortion in America


By Jamila Bey

The reality in America is that abortion is neither rare nor concentrated among any singular segment of society.

One in three women in the US will have an abortion in her lifetime. This week kicks off a week of activists giving people the opportunity to speak up about their own abortions. College campuses around the country are hosting events, and the “1 in 3 Campaign” is hosting many of the stories shared by individuals who often spoke about their abortion for the first time. Carly Manes, a junior at the University of Michigan, and Julia Reticker-Flynn, the Youth Activist Network Manager at Advocates for Youth, are my guests.


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Filibusterer Wendy Davis in DC

The Texas State Senator who filibustered her way onto the national stage a month ago made a stop in Washington, DC at the National Press Club.

VOR’s Jamila Bey was there, and took the time to talk with two of Davis’s colleagues who assisted her during the 13 hour effort to block Governor Rick Perry’s restrictive abortion law: Texas Senator Leticia Van de Putte, famous for inquiring “At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues?”, and Texas Senator Rodney Ellis, who helped Davis into her back brace during her effort.

They spoke about their hopes for the future of Texas politics.


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Texas state rep. introduces new bill to combat freshly signed abortion law

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed into law on Thursday a controversial bill that will ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and impose new restrictions on abortion clinics in the Lone Star State.

The bill drew hundreds and even thousands to the Texas state capital in recent weeks as opponents tried to stop the state’s conservatives from passing a measure that protesters said would harm the state’s women.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Texas State Rep. Harold Dutton, author of HB 45, which stipulates that the abortion law would not go into effect until 60 days after Texas stops executing people, to discuss the law and his new bill.


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Texas to have special session after successful filibuster of abortion bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling for a second special session of the legislature to try to pass restrictive abortion regulations after the successful filibuster of Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Davis filibustered for more than 10 hours on Tuesday night to delay the senate vote on the SB 5 Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, which would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and shuttered most of the state’s abortion clinics due to more stringent requirements.

While the events in Texas were watched around the world, other states watched in hopes of learning how to successfully pass similar laws.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Jodi Jacobson, editor-in-chief of RH Reality Check, and Austin-based journalist Jessica Luther to talk about Texas and the potential encroachments that would restrict care to all American women.

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Stories from the press focused on many aspects of her filibuster, including what was to some a distressing focus on her “pink tennis shoes.”

Bey also spoke with freelance journalist Tracie Powell and Rachel Larris of the Women’s Media Center to talk about the coverage of the story and how mainstream media was flat-footed in running down the details of the evening.

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GOP-sponsored abortion bill will hurt Texas women, protesters warn

The Texas legislature has essentially banned abortions, passing a stringent set of restrictions on Monday morning that would require all abortions be attended by a medical doctor and that the doctor hold admitting privileges to a nearby hospital, among others.

The Republican-controlled House voted 97-33 to pass the bill, known as the SB 5 Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, which is “aimed at preserving unborn life and improving safety standards for abortion providers in the State of Texas,” according to a release by Rep. Drew Springer, a Republican.

The bill will go to the Senate where officials have a Tuesday night deadline to vote on the measure.

However, numerous groups have protested against the bill, saying the measure isn’t based in science. Some are calling it medically unnecessary and overly restrictive.

Host Jamila Bey spoke with Beth Presswood, host of the Godless Bitches podcast, and journalist Jessica Luther to discuss the story.

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